CS46A Introduction to Programming—Online Section

Spring 2014 | Cay S. Horstmann | Department of Computer Science | San Jose State University

Week 15

  • Videos: Introduction Solutions to Homework 14a | 14b | 14c
  • Work through Udacity videos Lesson 9 from "Inheritance" to the end.
  • Read Chapter 9 of the textbook.
  • Take the quizzes on Monday and Thursday.
  • Turn in the draft of Homework 15 on Wednesday and the final version on Sunday.
  • Work through Lab 14 and join a Webex session if you have a question and when you are ready show off your work.
  • Week 14 homework solutions are here.
  • Homework

    BlueJ projects are here. Problem descriptions are in the code-check links.

    Some of these homeworks use JUnit for testing your answer. See Section 8.6 of your testbook for an introduction to JUnit. It's pretty similar to the “expected” style testing that you have seen previously, but it has some more professional features that you will learn in CS46B.