CS46A Introduction to Programming—Online Section

Spring 2014 | Cay S. Horstmann | Department of Computer Science | San Jose State University

Week 7

  1. So, no videos this week. I was too busy grading the midterm.
  2. Work through Udacity videos Lesson 5.2.
  3. Read Sections 5.5 to 5.8 of the textbook.
  4. Take the quizzes on Tuesday and Thursday.
  5. Turn in the draft of Homework 7 on Wednesday and the final version on Sunday.
  6. Work through Lab 6 and join a Webex session if you have a question and when you are ready show off your work. Note: You should re-download the graphics library. It moves the scene a bit so that the walls aren't cut off.
  7. Week 6 homework solutions are here.


Download the BlueJ projects for the three assignments here.

Click on the links for the problem descriptions.