CS46A Introduction to Programming—Online Section

Spring 2014 | Cay S. Horstmann | Department of Computer Science | San Jose State University

Week 4

Under Construction

  1. I recorded these videos for you: Intro to Week 4, Homework 3a solution, Homework 3b solution, Homework 3c solution
  2. Why I didn't go to jail
  3. Work through the Udacity videos in Lesson 3 from “Local and Instance Variables Part 1” to the end of the lesson.
  4. Read Sections 3.4-3.7 in the textbook. Do the self checks.
  5. Take the quizzes on Monday and Thursday.
  6. Turn in the draft of Homework 4 on Wednesday and the final version on Sunday.
  7. Work through Lab 3.


Download the BlueJ projects for the three assignments here.

Click on the links for the problem descriptions.

Be sure to work on these problems early. They are trickier than they seem, particularly the car door problem.