CS46A Introduction to Programming—Online Section

Spring 2014 | Cay S. Horstmann | Department of Computer Science | San Jose State University

Week 1

Here is what you will do in your first (short) week:

  1. I recorded a video to welcome you to the course. I tell you what to expect and how to get started. Watch it here: http://youtu.be/8msboIjyQms
  2. Get logins to Canvas, Piazza, and Udacity. You need an SJSU email address to sign up for Piazza. Get it here. Once you signed up, you can give Piazza your favorite email for notifications. If for some reason you can't get an SJSU email, let me know and I can add you.
  3. Read through the green sheet. Be sure to understand the time commitment. In order to succeed in this class, you will need to spend twelve hours per week on the class. Seven hours in this short week. No kidding.
  4. Check out the exam dates. Midterms Saturday March 1 and Saturday April 12. Final Saturday May 17. If you are a SJSU student, you need to show up on campus. If you are a student from another Cal State campus, you'll take it through a proctoring service. Don't take the class if you can't make the exams.
  5. Get the textbook.
  6. Read chapter 1 in the textbook. You can skim over most of it, but be sure to read Section 1.7 and How To 1.1 carefully. Do self-checks 21 - 26, and pay particular attention to self-checks 25 and 26.
  7. Install the software. The easiest way is to install a virtual machine that has the software pre-installed. See this lab. Note: There will be real labs starting from week 2 (the first full week of the course), but there is no lab 0 submission for this short week in the online course, and no place to upload anything, so ignore step 10. Instead, as part of this week's homework, you'll submit a screen capture of BlueJ to prove that you installed the software correctly.
  8. Watch the Udacity videos for Lesson1 and do the exercises. That will likely take you several hours.
  9. Turn in homework 1 in Canvas. It's due on Sunday 6pm.
  10. Problems? Concerns? Use Piazza, or for personal and confidential issues, email me directly.

Homework 1

You submit your homeworks in Canvas. Homeworks are due Wednesdays and Sundays at 6 pm. (There is a short grace period in case you have connectivity problems, so that you can get to the nearest internet café and upload your work.)

  1. Once you have installed BlueJ and figured out how to write a Java program that displays Hello, World!, modify it to display Hello, your name. Then take a screen capture of the output in BlueJ. Submit it to Canvas. In Lubuntu, to take a screen shot, open a terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T), type scrot, hit Enter, and look in your home folder for the screen shot file.
  2. Also submit a screen shot of Piazza that demonstrates that you logged into the web site for the course.
  3. In the Udacity videos, towards the end of lecture 1, Sara asks “Why is this not an algorithm?” Submit a screen shot of your (hopefully correct) answer.
  4. Answer problem R1.15 in your textbook and submit it as a text file named R1.15.txt. In Lubuntu, open a terminal and type leafpad R1.15.txt followed by Enter to launch a text editor.