CS 185C/286 - Lecture 8

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Cay S. Horstmann

Lecture 8 Quiz 1

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The first test case in this article starts with a call to getActivity(). Where is this method defined?

  1. Elsewhere in the test class
  2. In InstrumentationTestRunner
  3. In AndroidTestCase
  4. In ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2

Lecture 8 Quiz 2

Which of the following is true about MonkeyRunner.

  1. MonkeyRunner is a unit testing tool.
  2. MonkeyRunner test cases are written in Java.
  3. MonkeyRunner can compare a screenshot with an expected one.
  4. You must run MonkeyRunner from the command line.


  1. Modernize Android client for Android 4, including tablets: Keith, Vakati, Wu
  2. Improve device integration with Android and iPhone client: location, phone, schedule, contacts, etc.: Pham, Li X, Li Y
  3. HTML5 Cinequest client: Cheung, Nguyen, Yi
  4. Hemepath counter app: Dang, Eibagi, Karnes
  5. Samsung S-Pen: Sainion, Sivaraman, Tang
  6. Port Cinequest app (films only, not schedule) to Windows phone: Anderson, Yulianto, Lehrmann

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