CS 185C/286 - Homework 6

In this assignment, you will use port homework 2 to iOS. Place the quiz data in a property list and read it locally (not asynchronously from the web). Unlike in homework 2, allow students to redo questions that they didn't answer correctly, but disallow revising correctly answered ones.

Put report.txt into the workspace/hw06 directory. Describe which websites you visited for help, and which problems they helped you solve. Describe at least two such problems. Extra credit for each question that you asked. (Provide the URLs.).

I set up Macs in MH 226 (the tutoring center) that you can use during tutoring hours. It's a good idea to start early because there isn't going to be a Mac for everyone at the last day of the assignment.

Due date: Mon. Apr. 23 18:00