CS 185C/286 - Homework 4

In this assignment, you will use JQuery Mobile to replicate homework 2 with an HTML 5 application. For your convenience, the quiz data are available here in JSON format. Read the quiz with the getJSON method.

You will need to programmatically generate the lists. Here is some sample code to get you started:

labels = ["Fred", "Barney", "Wilma"]
var choices = $('#choices')
$(labels).each(function(_, v) {
  var item = $('<li/>')
  var link = $('<a/>').html(v)
  link.click(function() { alert(v) })

Put hw04.html and any other files you need into the workspace/hw04 directory of your repo.

Put report.txt into the workspace/hw04 directory. Describe which websites you visited for help, and which problems they helped you solve. Describe at least two such problems. If you are experienced with jQuery and didn't need to consult anything, instead describe what problems beginners typically run into with this kind of assignment, and where they would go for help.

Due date: Wed. March 13 18:00