CS175/CS286 Mobile Programming

Fall 2013 | Cay S. Horstmann | Department of Computer Science | San Jose State University


December 3
  1. Dhwanil Karwa, Core Data for iOS
  2. Rohit Vobbilisetty, Camera API
  3. Tanuvir Singh, Using User Location in Android
  4. ** Huy Vu, Internationalization and Localization
December 5
  1. * Sravankumar Reddy Javaji, Fixing Memory Leaks in Android Applications using DDMS & MAT
  2. * Hai Nguyen, Test automation on iOS
  3. Joshua Wertheim, Geofencing
  4. Andy Wang, Dalvik and Art

* Read these presentations for the final exam

** Do this lab for the final exam