Part A. Add the following methods to the Bug4 class of Homework 6C:

Draft: Just implement move

netbrat draft | final

Part B. In the Word class of Lab 8, add methods

For example, the word reassuring will be turned into XeaXXuXiXX, XeaXuXiX, and eaXuXi.

Draft: Just implement replaceEachConsonantWithX

netbrat draft | final

Part C. In the Word class of Lab 8, add methods

that print patterns such as the following

reassuring           g        reassuring
reassurin           ng        eassuringr
reassuri           ing        assuringre
reassur           ring        ssuringrea
reassu           uring        suringreas
reass           suring        uringreass
reas           ssuring        ringreassu
rea           assuring        ingreassur
re           eassuring        ngreassuri
r           reassuring        greassurin

Draft: Just implement printLeftTriangle

netbrat draft | final