Part A. Enhance the Bug2 class from Homework 5 Part A so that the bug draws itself as a small red triangle with the tip facing the direction in which it moved. Construct three Point2D.Double objects for the vertices.

Draft: Just draw a red dot. 

netbrat draft | final

Part B. Reimplement the Bug2 class from Homework 4 part A as a class Bug3, so that all methods continue to work the same way, but the internal data representation is changed. You must use the following instance variables:

private Point2D.Double position;
private double angle;

You may not use any other instance variables.

Draft: Replace dx and dy with angle but keep x and y.

netbrat draft | final

Part C. Modify the Bug2 class from Homework 3 part C as a class Bug4, with the following changes:

Draft: Just the constructor, no change to move.

netbrat draft | final