Part A. Change the move method of the Bug2 class from Homework 4 Part A so that the bug draws a trace of where it moves. The move method will receive a parameter of type Graphics2D so that you can do the drawing. Draw a line from the old to the new position.

However, there is a complexity.

Therefore, you should transform the bug coordinates to drawing coordinates.

The transformation is

xgraphics = x * 20 + 200

ygraphics = -y * 20 + 200

Draft: Just draw the line without coordinate transformations.

Make sure that Bug2 has appropriate Javadoc comments.

netbrat draft | final

Part B. Write a class VerticalStripedFlag that generalizes the ItalianFlag of How To 3.2 in your textbook. In the constructor, pass colors for the left, middle, and right. Change the drawing strategy so that you fill three rectangles, one each of the given color, and then draw a large rectangle around all three.

Draft: Don't yet implement the VerticalStripedFlag class but provide a VerticalStripedFlagComponent class that draws two flags: French and Belgian.

Final: Both VerticalStripedFlag and VerticalStripedFlagComponent.

netbrat draft | final

Part C. P4.10 from your textbook.

Draft: Stubs and javadoc for Balloon; no tester

netbrat draft | final