To create a DOS project

  1. Add all Include files to your current directory
  2. From the main menu of the Integrated Development Environment, select the Open Project option
    TC3.0 Open Project

  3. In the resulting Open Project File dialog box under Open Project File:
    Type Drive:\pathname ... \ your project's name into Edit box, then select OK
    (Generally, use the base filename of your primary .cpp file, do not erase the .prj suffix,
    and use the same directory as your primary .cpp source file)
    TC3.0 Project dialog box

  4. Press the insert key
    TC3.0 Insert file into project

  5. In the resulting Add to Project list dialog box, either type in or browse to your primary .cpp source file, select Add, or press Enter
    TC3.0 Select file to insert into project

  6. When you are ready to build your program, select Project | Build All

    Main | Project | Build All

  7. Then, select Run | Run
    Main | Debug | Run